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Mobile Apps are gaining popularity and attract new clients.


By using our bespoke and customer branded applications you can offer a fast and convenient way for your clients to order setting you apart from the rest of the companies.


Our first class iPhone and Android apps are designed to not only suit your needs, but also those of your customers.


Get real time bookings straight into your online system and allow your customers to receive instant quotes. Cash? Card? You choose.

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Accounting and Billing module

Back-end reporting and accounting tool through which you can generate automatic billing reports for you clients by defining special filters starting from booking reference number, date range selection, account selection and much more.

Make your life easier by using our automated sending of the PDF receipt after each booking is completed. Completely hassle free!!

Accounts & Billing features:

Individual Client credentials that can be allocated to an Account
Corporate Account support
Fare Table per Client Account
Live search box for existing Client search
Report pannel for each client

Business performance analytics

Smart2Car enables you a remote access and generation of full detailed reports necessary to easily check the amount of money you need to collect or pay from and to each driver, the number of incoming jobs on a timeframe or to access full bookings statistics and analytics.


Create invoices for your drivers that do work on account.


Keep driver and vehicle records.


Maintain a comprehensive database.


Warn the user about the imminent document expiry.

Reporting Module Features:

Drivers’ jobs history
Full bookings statistics and analytics
Driver invoicing support, automatic invoice generation based on previous weeks jobs’ history
Driver List & Schedule
System Employees
Driver Revenue Reports

Amazon Cloud Backup

Amazon Cloud Backup

Since all your data is stored in the Amazon cloud, backing it up and restoring the same is relatively much easier than storing the same on a physical device.

Process of Data Backup

Amazon Cloud service providers are competent enough to handle recovery of information.

The entire process of backup and recovery is much simpler than other traditional methods of data storage.

Smart2Car takes automatic backups online automatically at preconfigured intervals.

These backups can be easily reloaded for recovery purpose.

AWS Cloud Secured Platform

AWS Cloud, and why is it the best solution for your company?

AWS Cloud security solution is a fast-growing service that provides many of the same functionalities as traditional IT security. This includes protecting critical information from theft, data leakage and deletion. Controls are put in place to secure data. Cloud data is secured in data centers. Some countries require data to be stored in their country, so if your provider has multiple data centers, this can help. AWS Cloud Data storage often includes certain compliance requirements when storing credit card numbers or health information. Many cloud providers offer internal audits to ensure that compliance requirements are met for any information you store in the cloud. Make sure your cloud provider is committed to monitoring logs and responding to events. If you ask yourself to whom is this adressed , you have to know that is not a large-company feature, as small businesses are twice as likely as larger companies to have implemented cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that save time, avoid largeparty expertise as part of the deal. InSoftDev use Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. Both InSoftDev and AWS understand that customers care deeply about privacy and data security. That’s why we implement responsible and sophisticated technical and physical controls designed to prevent unauthorised access to or disclosure of custo up-front investment and roll up third-mer content.

Just How Secure Is The Cloud? And why is a must to use it for profit growth ?

  • Work from anywhere: With AWS cloud computing, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work. You can coonect to the backoffice app and control the hole business in just seconds. You can connect from laptops or even smartphones on your holidays or travels.
  • Flexibility: Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. This means that no matter the number of vehicles you have, the quality of services will always meet the highest standards.
  • Automatic software updates: The beauty of AWS cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of your hair. We let you free to focus on the things that matter, like growing your business while all the changes or updates will be done by us.
taxi dispatch Amazon AWS cloud security

Organize from wherever on the planet right on your computer or laptop connected to internet!

INSOFTDEV dispatch cloud security AWS cloud security

AWS Cloud benefits:

Automatic software updates
Work from anywhere
Environmentally friendly
Reduce spending on technology infrastructure
Reduce capital costs
Backup and Recovery

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