Tracking & Monitoring Dashboard

One of the most important features of any Taxi operator software is that of Tracking and monitoring the company’s drivers. A good fleet management and an automated booking process require also to have a clear view over your drivers’ position, their allocated plot zone and their availability at all times. And this is what our SmartCar Taxi operator software for taxi and limo dispatch solution- offers to you.

Using the tracking module, which can be easily accessed from the back-office panel (‘Tracking’ button) you will have a full control and accuracy over your drivers’on going jobs and their exact position on the map at every moment of their shift. The Taxi operator software uses OpenStreetMap for geolocation and the GPS technology for mobile devices in tracking the position of the driver in real time. In this way dispatching the jobs to a particular driver is only at one click distance.

No matter if you prefer to dispatch your jobs manually with the help of your controllers or if you want to adopt the automatic dispatch, as the algorithm is simple in both cases. Let’s take it by turn.

In the first case (manual dispatch) the controller will have all the time on the screen of his PC the map with the position of the drivers in real time and their availability. He will allocate the jobs to the drivers and he will make sure that each driver will be at the pick-up point at the right moment. He will be able to keep in touch as closely as possible with all the fleet.

To set up the automated dispatch you will need to access Taxi operator software – SysConfiguration menu and choose the Automatic Dispatcher feature. There you can define some configuration rules that the system will use in order to dispatch the jobs to your drivers: eg: cars rank, maximum drivers, days of the week when particular drivers are available, passengers number and so on. You can also define the plot zones where you want your drivers to operate: eg: around Central London, around Stansted airport.

Another useful feature of this module is that it can track the flights within 3 working days before the allocated job. In this way the operator or controller will be able to check and update the booking time when this is not correctly provided by the customer.

Regarding the consumers’apps, this module enables passengers to locate their driver in real-time with only one click. In this way the passenger will know for sure when he needs to come out and meet his driver.

For any additional information on how the Tracking and Monitoring Module works please feel free to contact one of our support engineers and address your questions.