INSOFTDEV SmartCar. Smart Shuttle Management System

SmartCar. Software for shuttle and coaches management.
Shared rides are more than common nowadays and passengers prefer this type of transfer for several reasons: it is cost effective, it is safe and convenient, it offers flexibility, you can obtain great discounts for larger groups and the reasons can continue. Be it an airport shuttle or a city tour, when we talk about groups a shuttle shared ride it is always preferred. Many of the private hire transport operators have chosen this branch because is a promising one and there are many demands coming from customers world-wide.
As a private transport operator if you decide to run a business in this field you should analyze all the aspects of the matter. Besides having a budget and getting all the necessary documents and approvals that allow you to operate, you must also consider other aspects such as:

  • you should have a fleet of suitable vehicles and drivers for your shuttle rides;
  • you must have a website to present your services
  • you must have a good marketing campaign on the internet, social media platforms and media channels to become known as a reliable shuttle services provider
  • you must have a good system for booking, dispatch, reporting with the help of which you can have a full control over your business

We at Insoftdev come in your help in what concerns the last aspect with our new innovative shuttle booking and dispatch platform dedicated to shuttle companies operating world-wide. The idea of developing a complete solution for shuttle fleets has arisen from the numerous requests that we have received in this sector. There are only few dedicated solutions for shuttle operators and most of them don’t cover all the needs of such a business. Our new solution Smart Shuttle Management System was developed taking into consideration the demands and the needs expressed by private shuttle operators, so we believe that we have come with a perfect choice for you to have a complete control over your shuttle operations.
When it comes to efficiency the challenge of a shuttle operator is to find the best way to gather all the actors of the process: the passengers, the geographical areas, the departure times and the destinations so as to minimize unnecessary trips and reduce costs. With Smart Shuttle Management System you will no longer have to bother with this kind of issues because the system will provide you at once all the necessary data for optimal routes according to each passenger’s pick-up and drop-off location. You are surely going to love our new solution, so see below some of the most important features of the system:

  • complete list of bookings organized by date and pick-up time
  • complete list of passengers with registered accounts
  • automatic or manual shuttle dispatch (as to your choice) for all your shuttle rides
  • set up your plot zones
  • create manifests for all your rides
  • driver tracking at all times
  • the records with all your company, vehicles and drivers’ documents
  • different reports per company
  • statement and accounting for your drivers’ and company revenue
  • invoicing for both passengers and drivers
  • email and SMS booking confirmation for all your passengers
  • set up price management rules according to your criteria
  • passengers and drivers’ apps in both Android and IOS

With all these and many other interesting functionalities SmartCar-Shuttle system will be your smart asset for a successful business.
For more information about the shuttle software or for demo requests you can always visit our websites: and and contact us by email :  or by phone: +4 (0) 724 017 764; +44 (0)2031 500 250 . We will be there to provide you with the requested info.