Future mobility – Modern solutions for Taxi industry

Smart taxi software solution.

Nowadays all major cities in the world are trying to become a ‘smart city’. But what does the concept of smart city mean? Actually a smart city is that type of city which uses digital technologies in order to reduce costs and consumption of resources, to become performant on many levels and to engage its citizens more actively in anything concerning city life. Networking and information sharing are key concepts for smart cities technologies. The so-called smart sectors could be considered: energy,transport, water, health and waste.
In a few lines we will try to concentrate on taxi software areas and how can digital technologies improve this sector in order to produce performance and to generate lower costs and better time connections.

Statistics say that in 25-30 years from now almost 75 % of world’s population will be living in cities. That will imply an increased number of vehicles, more crowded areas and delays and more options to consider when talking about transportation solutions. Smart cities must use modern technology to improve the life level of the citizens and their accessibility in the traffic network.
In what concerns the future mobility, cities should concentrate in:
-encouraging smart mobility services and online ticketing systems such as web applications and smart phones applications in order to ease the booking and ticketing process.
-making traffic management more optimized by organizing the existent infrastructure
-encouraging the use of electric vehicles in order to eliminate the combustion process
Taxi companies world-wide are trying to update their transportation solutions using mobile and digital technology in order to keep up with trends. Today’s tendency is to book your journey online and save time with phone calls. With a single app installed on your smartphone it will take only a minute to proceed with a booking. A smart dispatch system should connect all the actors involved in the booking: passengers, drivers and operators in real time in order to ensure an efficient and time effective process.
As a provider of End-to-End taxi solutions for companies INSOFTDEVbelieves that the future of the industry is the automatization of the work flow and combining communication technologies with smart phones devices in order to deliver solutions which address mobility, safety and environment.
This year at Cebit Event in Hannover such themes as: Future mobility, Smart cities, Digital technology, Internet of everything will be discussed by It professionals who based on predictions and infographics will try to present the best solutions, trends and innovations that digital industry can offer for optimizing all sectors of urban life.