FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q: Do you also offer mobile applications?

A: Yes, we offer an All-in-One Taxi Software, including mobile applications, Web-Booker,
Driver Application and Back-Office module.



Q: What is the pricing of your Taxi software?

A: The standard price for our application starts is £10/driver on a monthly basis, for all of our modules
(1 x Back-End solution: administrators/operators/controllers; 2 x Front-End solutions; 5 x Mobile Solutions, including 1 Android Driver App, 2 Android App for passenger and clients, 2 IOS App for passengers and clients).


Q: Do you have a Web-Booker?

A: Yes, the Web-Booker is included in the price and we will integrate it in your website through an


Q: Can you also do web design? If yes, how much does it cost?

A: Yes, we offer website development; the pricing is based on the template that you desire. We
have several options.


Q: Do my drivers need PDAs? How will the Drivers’ App work?

A: Your drivers will not need another piece of hardware. The application will be downloaded from
Play Store/AppStore and installed on their mobile either on Android or IOS.


Q: Will I have to pay for updates?

A: No, the maintenance, updates and bug fixing is included in the price. We are also very open
to suggestions regarding new features that can be implemented into our system, as we are continuously developing it.


Q: What if I have a problem with the system?

A: If you have any inquiries you can call us or send us an email. Someone will help you with your
problems as soon as possible.


Q: On how many computers can I use the software?

A: That’s the best part! We don’t have any limit! Use it from home, your office, on one or one
hundred computers. You can use your software anywhere, anytime.


Q: What if my question is not covered here?

A: You can e-mail us your question and we will try our best to give you an answer as soon as