Drivers Tracking – a helpful feature for the controllers

If you run a private hire company, there is one significant aspect you must have into consideration: making sure that your drivers do not get late to the pick-ups. In the unfortunate case this will happen, you will have numerous angry and unsatisfied clients. Moreover, the customers can also miss flights because of the drivers getting late and this is already a quite serious issue that could drag your company down.

Dispatch Software

dispatch software

In order to stay away from this type of situations, you could choose to use our Dispatch software, solution which we have developed especially for you. For a better and simpler drivers and jobs management, we suggest you to use the Drivers Dispatch and Traking feature that you will find in the Drivers category, in the main menu. You will see it next to the Drivers Reports, Drivers Allocator, Drivers Availability and Drivers List, meaning all the features that make the controllers’ job easier.
The Drivers Tracking allows you to see the real-time locations and statuses of the drivers. When you will open the feature, you will see a map with all the names of the drivers that are heading towards a job or who are returning to the drop-off address with the passenger. The icon with the name shows you exactly where a certain driver is. This way, you will know if he’s late to a job or not.
A simple click on that name will show you the job details such as the drop-off address, the pick-up point, the status of the driver and the booking reference. All the necessary information is one click away from you. This is important as it helps you keep the customers informed about the latest updates.
This is a great feature and can be of very much help not only for the controllers, but also for you as a minicab company manager. By requesting the magnificent Smart2Car – the Online Taxi Dispatch Software, you can benefit of this feature and many others that are as helpful and significant and the greatest thing is that they’ll be customized for your company’s needs.
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